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Umaasa si outgoing President Benigno Aquino III na magiging “observer” lang siya sa magiging administrasyon ni President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, na magsisimula ang termino pagsapit ng tanghali sa Hunyo 30

Duterte’s win is pretty remarkable. For someone who confirmed his candidacy in the last hour of filing of certificate of candidacy in October 2015, the rise of his popularity is one for the books. I certainly did not see it coming. After all, Duterte does not belong to the elite club of Imperial Manila. A lot of people underestimated him especially the members of the Liberal Party and their supporters. Some of them — one Cynthia Patag — even said that for Duterte to win, he needed to work on his Visaya accent because for her, it is such a turn off to a lot of voters. She was certainly wrong about that too.

Duterte’s supporters managed to look past his Visayan accent, casual demeanor and especially his foul mouth. Instead, his supporters focused on his personality, which some say is what made Davao City what it is today – orderly and relatively peaceful for a city in Mindanao, a region rife with tensions between militants and government forces. While I would have liked that the voters look at the candidates’ platforms, they were, instead, taken by their character.


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